Who we are

For the last 20 years, our work has been coaching people, private and corporate, in situations that are often conflicted, with significant issues of either unrealized potential or underperformance and often a feeling of stuckness or frustration among those involved.

During our journey, we have been inside the rabbit hole of various schools of thought, learned from different teachers, and explored many theories. We’ve thoroughly experienced a range of approaches related to change, transformation, and complexity. Some of these include Integral Theory, Coach Training, Consciousness Training, Philosophy, Theology, Theory U, Holacracy, Adult Development Theory and Complexity Theory. While each of these approaches holds some valuable insights, some more than others, the truth each of them holds is necessarily partial. We have wrestled with these approaches and we have mostly been able to navigate past the blindspots and shallows of different schools of thought and teachings, and have, with some bruises, worked out, what works and what doesn’t work. It has made us who we are.

we are:

Anne Caspari
My speciality is transformational processes in all contexts, personal and organizational, long before it was called change management. Having studied ecology in the past, I can rely on a solid body of knowledge of how complex adaptive systems work and what tends to get in the way of self-organizing processes. I started adding humans to the equation around 20 years ago. Coaching, leadership development and transformational change have since become my main occupation. Getting exposed to complexity-thinking and sense-making years ago was a natural fit for me and my practice. I am a coactive coach, and university lecturer, and work as faculty for the Cynefin Company.
Johann Entz-von Zerssen
I understand my role to be the assistant to my clients and customers to step into the space of their ‘being’ wholeheartedly. Over the past 20 years, I have come to understand how difficult and yet possible change for individuals and teams is once awareness and a willingness to address these challenges have surfaced. I help my clients find a healthy balance between doing and being in the way they make decisions, overcoming learned resistance and, integrating ‘immunities to change’.I am a professional certified coach (PCC) and work as faculty for coach training for the Coactive Training Institute (CTI). Anne and I both operate from Germany.
Tomáš Hančil
I am a philosopher turned coach. I support people and organisations in their growth and development mainly through transformative and developmental coaching. My thinking is grounded in evolutionary biology and developmental psychology. In the past 20 years, I have trained leaders and supported their personal development both in small and large organisations. In the more recent past, I have focussed on group dynamic and complexity thinking that is proving to provide the most needed competitive edge for my clients. I am based in Prague, Czech Republic.
Adrian Wagner
As a coach and researcher, I am moved by the possibility of dancing between applied complexity and precise emotional attunement to hold space for individual and collective blind spots. I serve as a transformational facilitator and project manager, navigating diverse organizational landscapes. Over the past 15 years, I've gained experience as a teacher, researcher, coach, and facilitator with organizations like the European School of Governance, the University Witten/Herdecke German Foreign Ministry, the European Commission, and the Institute for Transformational Leadership in Berlin. My ethos centres on pioneering pathways for collective growth and resilience through complexity, compassion, and transformative leadership.
Alexandra Robinson
I am a facilitator for systems change. With a background in biology and ecology and a deep love for the natural world, I am intrigued by how we, as a human species, can remain fitting to our environments. This challenge spans multiple levels of society, and I am passionate about co-creating spaces and conditions that foster grounding and the courage to venture beyond the familiar, enabling insight and innovation. As a freelancer, I have applied these principles in fields such as novel value flows in real estate and improved decision-making for land regeneration in rural areas of Germany, as well as in leadership development.

We are certified in the use of the Leadership Circle Profile TLC; Lectica’s Decision Making Assessment LDMA, and the SenseMaker-Software and are part of the 5 people worldwide to conduct the Cynefin Base Camp courses for the Cynefin Company (Cognitive Edge).

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